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The future of dining will be different. Our technology helps restaurants thrive.

1) $160 Billion global market is ripe for platform / technology disruption.

2) Dine.Direct is growing fast. Over 60% M/M growth for the last 6 months.

3) Executive team with over 85 years combined experience in technology, hospitality and organization.

4) Global team of over 50 people with a low cost footprint.

5) We exist to give control of online ordering back to restaurants and the communities they serve.

The Future of Dining

Since the discovery of fire, people have been cooking for each other. Today, whether it's a dinner date with romantic potential, or a power business lunch, restaurants are a common thread that weaves our society together. Recently there has been a shift in consumer behavior brought on by smartphones, artificial intelligence, the social network, and virus lockdowns. This change has left many restaurants struggling to survive.

Technology supports success.

The future of dining will be different. From ghost kitchens to robot waiters, lasting change is already here. Amazon didn't take over commerce because it was a great retailer. Amazon took over because it deployed great technology that created a fundamentally better customer experience. We believe restaurants that harness technology to deliver a better guest experience will be prosperous now and in the future. It's our mission to help them do just that.


Financial - Why do we need this?

We have financial statements ending December 31 2020. Our cash in hand is $50,455.57, as of January 2021. Over the three months prior, revenues averaged $1,750/month, cost of goods sold has averaged $1,620/month, and operational expenses have averaged $38,500/month.

Exclusive: Friends Invest First

Friends, family, and customers are allowed to invest before the general public. Early investors have a better shot at getting early bird perks, which can include better financial terms. Investing now can also help the company raise money faster. The more people that invest before the public launch, the higher ranked the company will later appear in Wefunder's search results.

Public Launch on FEB 26 @ 9AM EST


SPREAD THE WORD. Help us get the funding we need:

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