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Welcome to all current and future investors in Dine.Direct. This group is for you! As a company, Dine.Direct will publish content about investment opportunities, growth and direction of the company that might be interesting to our investor members. As investors, you can comment, ask questions and share ideas.

This group is moderated, but open to the public - so please keep the discussions friendly and and respectful.

Most of the company posts will be in English, but feel free to discuss in whatever language suits you best. It is our hope that through crowdfunding this group will grow to thousands of people around the world.  أهلا بك  Bienvenido მოგესალმებით Bienvenu Fàilte Bonvenon liked 7 months ago
Dine.Direct is raising money! Our crowdfunding campaign is taking investment commitments right now from a select group of friends and family. Over half of the early investor "deal" is already subscribed. We will go public with an email to 800,000... (More) liked 8 months ago
Post updated 8 months ago
Meet the Dine.Direct leadership team in live (virtual) roundtable. Bring your questions about the company and the crowdfunding campaign. There will be a 20 minute presentation to start, followed by question for as long as people want to stay. Ken... (More)