In this release we've added a new status to the orders: "Canceled" 


Order Cancel Button is now on Order Status and on Order Management . And Cancel Status in Order Detail status drop down.


Cancel order button will only be enabled when the order isthese following status “Order Received”, “Kitchen” and  “Staging”


In case of Pickup Order, the Cancel Button won't work on these status “Ready for Pickup” and “Picked up”

In case of Delivery Order, the Cancel Button won't work on these status  “ Ready for Delivery” and “Delivered”


When the user cancels any order, a confirmation popup will appear to confirm the cancelation.

After an order is cancelled, an SMS/ WhatsApp Message will be sent to the customer saying that you order # has been canceled.


  • Cancel Button in Order Status Window


  • Cancel Button in status drop down in Order detail


  • Canceled Order Status show in order Management


  • On Order Cancel SMS Message to customer


  • Canceled Order Message on WhatsApp