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Easy Ordering
Easy Ordering

This is the public page that a restaurant’s customers will see and where they will place their orders.

You can visit this page whenever you want to by going to your Restaurant Management Dashboard ( and selecting Public Site from the sidebar on the left.

The link to this site can be copied and sent to clients, friends and acquaintances.

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Out of stock?


On your menu item details you’ll find a switch to display such item as Sold-Out.  You can also manage your sold-out items from the Menu Override tab in your side bar with the server role



Would you like your guests to see only one version of your Online Menu? Learn how!

A fixed Menu Format display

A Menu Format switch has been added in Client Settings. If this switch is set to off, the user won't be able to change the display of your Public Menu from big to... (More)

We have expanded the functions of our Pre-ordering System: Special Menu Hours.

Upgrades in our Pre-Ordering system

Menu Timings

If you have special menu timings such as Happy Hours or special meals, you can now establish Menu Timings. To do this, find the section inside Client Settings, and set the... (More)

We have expanded the functions of our Pre-ordering System: Sunday dinner organized as early as Wednesday afternoon? Yes we can!

Lead-Days Pre-ordering

Your customers are now able to schedule their Sunday dining parties on a Wednesday afternoon.

To have this set-up, start by activating the Pre-Order switch on Client Settings then, if some of your dishes take days of preparation,... (More)