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Menu Settings
Menu Settings

The Menu settings tab is where you will be able to add or remove menu areas and menu items. It is also where you can add mods to each item. This is also where you will input applicable taxes to each item as well as their cooking times and difficulties, which will help our AI system calculate kitchen times.

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Would you like your guests to see only one version of your Online Menu? Learn how!

A fixed Menu Format display

A Menu Format switch has been added in Client Settings. If this switch is set to off, the user won't be able to change the display of your Public Menu from big to... (More)

We have expanded the functions of our Pre-ordering System: Sunday dinner organized as early as Wednesday afternoon? Yes we can!

Lead-Days Pre-ordering

Your customers are now able to schedule their Sunday dining parties on a Wednesday afternoon.

To have this set-up, start by activating the Pre-Order switch on Client Settings then, if some of your dishes take days of preparation,... (More)

Here is a video on how to fully customize your menu. You will be able to see all the options and modifications that can be made to each item to make the experience of placing an order much more personalized... (More)
Time to set up your menu! Here's a tutorial on how to create different areas and items in your management dashboard so you can start receiving orders ASAP. Remember that you can always keep improving and adapting your menu so... (More)