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Tech & Integration
Tech & Integration
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What's wrong with cheap cat5e cable?

Considering we are seeing an increase of cases of using cables sold as "Cat5e" which in some cases it is not made of pure copper, we as Dine.Direct Tech team created this brief article about what is wrong with cheap... (More)

Meet our printers and why we use them!

This is a brief introduction about why using our printers is just awesome for the daily work of a restaurant.

Thanks for trusting us!

Tech Sensei team
Meet our integrations! This is a brief introduction to the integration section of our community, here you will have all the tools available to know how to use 100% of the tools and third-party companies that help our system daily.... (More)
Perhaps one of the most common requests handled by Technical Support departments. You'll learn how Auth0 and Dine.Direct handle user credentials.

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Tech Sensei team