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Here you will find information about how the platform is used from both sides of it. Whether you're a restaurant using Dine.Direct in your kitchen or a customer wanting to learn more about how the Easy Order system works, this is the place to learn all about it.

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Would you like your guests to see only one version of your Online Menu? Learn how!

A fixed Menu Format display

A Menu Format switch has been added in Client Settings. If this switch is set to off, the user won't be able to change the display of your Public Menu from big to... (More)

Some more about our Mobile Version!

Here you have a presentation with the actions that can be carried out in each order and a list of icons to differentiate according to the status.
Mobile Management. If you don't have a laptop or tablet available, we have created a mobile version for the order management. Here's an overview of how it works and how you can use it. Thank you for joining us! Diego.... (More)
UX and order flow. Here's a video on how the experience of placing an order is, and how you can manage every order inside your restaurant dashboard. Everything you need to know to process orders and make your customers happy!... (More)